Hair detangler goes fast in this house, so I decided to make my own!!

Well hair detangler has been a part of our lives now for 6 years.  When Lily started growing her hair long, it was essential to getting a brush through it without hurting her head.  Her hair was beautiful and straight and long and I would always have super cute clippies or headbands on her.  And then Evan was born.  His hair started to grow into a gorgeous headful of ringlet curls, bad thing is he hated me brushing them.  And I most certainly can’t cut them off, I mean he’s just too darn cute!

We were going through atleast a bottle of hair detangler each week.  And the stuff I found to work the best, costs $5.  Now I know that may not seem like too much but each month that is $20!  I’m frugal, and I like to save a buck where I can!!  So I researched on some detanglers that I could make myself, and this combination works wonders.  I had my doubts I must admit, I mean I bought the stuff to make a huge batch of this for around $10 and I am guessing I will get atleast 20 refills out of this.

So this morning, I sprayed this conconction onto Lily and Evan’s head.. and let me tell you what.  Not a peep was made, no tangles were found, and it smelled pretty yummy!!  I’m fairly impressed!!!!  And super excited that I have the power to save some bucks and have my kids hair tangle free!!!  I hope you have as much success with this as I did :)   Use your favorite conditioner, and the leave in oil is purely optional.

Lily's hair before the homemade detangler.

Lily’s hair before the homemade detangler.

Lily's hair after the homemade detangler.

Lily’s hair after the homemade detangler.

And here was the true test of the detangler.. Evan’s curly mess of hair :)

Evan's hair before the homemade detangler.

Evan’s hair before the homemade detangler.

Evan's hair after the homemade detangler!!  (Not a tear was shed)

Evan’s hair after the homemade detangler!! (Not a tear was shed)





  • conditioner
  • leave in oil treament (optional)
  • spray bottle
  • water

The bottle I used was super large, 32 oz.  I used 4 tablespoons of conditioner, 1 tablespoon of the oil treatment, and filled the bottle with warm water.  Shake to combine.  That’s it, literally!!  Standard bottles you might find are 16 oz. so just half the recipe.  I mean it couldn’t be easier!!  Give a shake before each use and spray away the tangles!!


**Feel free to rate this and leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!!




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